'The Nightmare' by Dead Joe from the new EP 'Black Lungs & Hearts' available on 27 August 2013 via iTunes.

Anonymous asked: Hey! Saw you guys play at the Suicidal Tendencies gig, you guys are fucking awesome! Keep it up!

Thanks a lot Anonymous, we really appreciate your support!

hardcorepunk666-deactivated2014 asked: What are your top ten favorite punk bands?

Each one of us has different tastes, and we all listen to a whole range of different genres. In terms of punk, we usualy agree on bands such as The Clash, The Misfits, Alkaline Trio, AFI, MxPx…..the list goes on.

Few people buy music anymore. Thankfully, this is for free :)

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Anonymous asked: Is Andrew still in the band?

Unfortunately Andrew is no longer a part of Dead Joe, as he had commitments outside of the band that required greater attention. We are still very close and keep in touch regularly.

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Here’s another track from our EP ‘6’. Stream the entire EP on Spotify, or purchase it at iTunes or from our webstore. Much love, Dead Joe.

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Listen to our latest single Wolves, now available on our EP ‘6’ on iTunes and at our webstore!